The Essence of Life

The Essence of Life

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hooking Generations

My Father, a very young "Tuim" Meirelles 
Rio Paraná, 1960's

Me, your host, and Matrinxã (Brycon cephalus)
 Fazenda Buriti do Retiro, 2004

My Son, Daniel and his Pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus)
Fazenda Buriti do Retiro, 2004

As a rule I only post on photo per blog, and for good reasons. I am not a good photographer, I almost never have a camera with me, and therefore, I tend to keep them for some special occasion. But this story could not be told without the pictures above.

If you take your time and have a close look at the three photos, you will notice one thing in common, and it is not necessary the fishing. My father, myself and my son are all using the same rod and reel.
The complete outfit is perhaps five feet long, and the old casting reel can do more bird nests than flock of doves. I don’t even know its brand.
But there is one very special thing about it. This rod belonged to my grandmother, Genoveva, who really enjoyed fishing, and by my estimations it has been in the family for over fifty years (the first photo predates the others by about four decades).
“Old Dona Veva” currently resides at Fazenda Buriti do Retiro (municipality of Morrinhos, Goiás, Brasil) and it is still in use, almost exclusively to pull some smart fish from the dark waters of my father’s private pond, at the very end of the orchard.
Sometimes I think about kidnapping “Old Dona Veva” and bring rod and reel to my home in Michigan, where it would have a boring life in a highly visible place in my office, between books and big game trophies. But no, that would not be right.
I just cannot “Old Dona Veva” from “Tuim’s Pond”. Let them keep each other company.
Besides, if I stole that rod, I would have another big fight with my brother Rogério.

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