The Essence of Life

The Essence of Life

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Short Traveling Notes

Piazza Solferino, Torino
I am back in Europe, hunting new business, but I am never very far away from real hunting.
I brought two books in the trip. Kuki Gallman’s “Sognavo L’Africa” (I Dreamed of Africa), which I finished yesterday, and Bob Munger’s “Trailing a Bear”, that describes his many trips and adventures with Fred Bear. I already had watched the movie “I Dreamed of Africa” and read the book in English, but I picked the Italian version on a street market some weeks ago in order to help me improve my Italian grammar and vocabulary.
On Thursday we traveled from Baden-Baden to Frankfurt by car and besides the ever presented elevated hunting stands (in a small field I counted five!), I saw a beautiful colorful rooster pheasant at the corner of a plowed field, and not ten minutes later a saw a Roe buck with nice antlers walking across a field parallel to the tree line.
On Friday, coming back from Tczew to the Gdansk airport I spotted a larger deer, probably a red stag hind still wearing its grey winter coat not too far from the highway.
Finally, today I had lunch at the Cantina Barbaroux in Torino. In their menu they say that this is longest continuously operated cantina in Torino, established in 1902. The main dish was “arrosto di cinghiale con polenta” (roasted wild boar with polenta), and it was good enough to lick the plate, or almost. I used some bread to savor the last drop of sauce and juice.


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