The Essence of Life

The Essence of Life

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Healthy Sunday Lunch

Lunch is almost ready!

Yesterday I arrived in Detroit at 8:30 AM from a week long trip to Brazil, and by early afternoon my wife and I arrived at our home at Old Mission Peninsula. Our goal was to open all the boxes that were crowding the first and second floors, "organize" as possible, and then get all the cardboard to the nearby recycling center.

Well, WE DID IT, and to recover from the brutal work we decided that we needed to have a good lunch.

A couple weeks ago I got a Big Green Egg and it is just natural that I should use it every opportunity I have, and today was a perfect one, even if I have to push snow out of our deck.

Healthy eating is very important, so we decided to do it in style. We had some venison ribs from a dear that I shot with bow in October 2011 (I know it because I could see the triangular shaped broad head mark between two ribs), a small venison tenderloin from a doe that I shot just before Christmas 2010 (so far the only deer I had processed, so I also could identify it), very lean (and terribly well done) beef for my wife, bratwursts and Portobello mushrooms.

To complete this feast my wife cooked some fresh white rice, the Brazilian way. You start by sautéing onion and garlic, and then you add the rice, pour the water and add the salt.

The lunch was washed down by part of the content of a bottle of Grignolino red wine, a 2009 Duchessa Lia, from Asti. Although a much lighter wine than my favorite Piemontese wines, Nebbiolo and Barolo, it went vey well with the venison loin and portobellos.

Dessert was good Belgian dark chocolate and off course a couple hours of sleep. Nobody can say that I don't have a hard life!

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