The Essence of Life

The Essence of Life

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wilder Ways

A really touching book

Last winter when we started the long process of moving to our new home in the Old Mission Peninsula I bought a copy of "Wilder Ways" by Donald C. Jackson at Horizon Books, a great books store located downtown Traverse City.

Mr. Jackson is a professor of fisheries at Mississipi State University, but he writes with a poet's soul as he deeply discuss the communion with nature through fishing, hunting, walking dogs or working in his farm, and how deeply that touches his soul in an almost religious way.

Throughout the book, Mr. Jackson shows a healthy balance of sharing his experiences with family and friends and enjoying an important dose of solitude, which resonates very well with me.

I took longer than usual to finish "Wilder Ways" because as it touched me deeply I decided  only to read it at our new home, and as I travel intensely I was away from the books for several weeks at a time.

This is a beautiful book and I highly recommend it and I am sure that if nature is as important to you as to me, we will really like it. 

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