The Essence of Life

The Essence of Life

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Finally, Sensible Rules!

And who could argue with that?

Yesterday I met my wife at Cabela's in Dundee, Michigan, without any second intentions. We arrived almost at the same time and spent sometime touring one of my favorites playgrounds. First we grabbed a couple bricks of twenty-twos (just to keep pressure on the heated demand), perused the "Gun Library" where I found at least another gun that I want, but that I am not allowed to buy until all kids graduate from college, and then explore the "Bargain Cave" that was relocated to the second floor by Camping and where I found a couple "essentials", including a windbreaker that I used today while shooting trap during the windy cool evening.

Then we searched some sales racks for hopeful "safari" trousers and finally we visited the Home department where we found a very comfortable recliner that we just can't fit in our home without major redecoration (but before the redecoration I want the Krieghoff double "express" rifle from the Gun Library).

And in front of the recliner there was a print (that we also can't fit in the home without major redecoration) that just professed a compendium of truths in the form of RULES TO HUNT BY and RULES TO LIVE BY.

I don't need to repeat those rules as you will be able to read them in the photo above, but I hope that you share my appreciation for their depth, relevance and truthfulness.

Now, if you disagree with these rules I just hope that you have something of value to replace them!

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