The Essence of Life

The Essence of Life

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Algoma 2013 - Day 3: All the grouse, but still no bear

Jeff and I at the Halfway pump

After breakfast Bob and I went after grouse following a road close to the lodge. Less than a mile away we came across a flock and I was able to shoot two ruffed grouse, including a beautiful left to right crosser.

Shortly afterwards we went out with Jeff baiting, and all but one of the sites (the one I hunted yesterday) were hit. On the way to the Shanty Creek baits we located another flock of spruce grouse and I completed a limit in no time, including a beautiful couple and a juvenile bird.

I forgot to mention yesterday that while waiting for bear I heard at least two different grouse drumming, and the sound they make reminds me of the suffering starting up of an old one cylinder diesel motor that powered the electrical generator before we had grid power in our farm Buriti do Retiro, in southern Goiás state, Brazil.

We came back to the lodge around 2:30 PM, had lunch and Bob fixed his ATV.

I got to my bait at 3:30 and the bait barrel was nocked down, but the lid as still in place and the bait had not been touched. I may have moved that bear as I came to the bait.

I was a lot more comfortable today. The temperature did not drop as much as yesterday and I dressed a lot warmer.

Towards sunset I started to hear moose calling deep in the swamps.

Shortly after I returned to the lodge, Wayne, a hunter from Grand Rapids, arrived and said that he missed a bear as soon as he came to his bait in mid-afternoon. Bob did not see anything, except for a couple grouse. Maybe he should become a bird hunter!

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